Testimonials – Page 2

Hello Mark and Sue,

We got a puppy from your littler that was born one year ago today. His name is Revo. We just want you to know that he is such a good dog and we love him so much! He is so friendly and loves other dogs and people. He is loving his new home and all the fields and woods he has to run in. Here is a picture of him celebrating his birthday and a few more you might enjoy. He sure is hamdsome! We think he is a spitting image of Nitro. We are hoping to get him out soon for some bird hunting. He is definitely excited about birds! We hope you are doing well.

Take care
Mary Beth and Jimmy Moslak
Lanse, PA







Just wanted to give you an update of Trigger on his birthday. We are enjoying life with a dog very much. Trigger loves the trips to the mountains and camping. He was a little young last year, so I’m looking forward hunting with him this year. He is definitely the kids best friend. They always ask to take him everywhere we go. We had a trainer come out once to give us tips on a few things and he seems to learn quickly. Thanks for the great dog and I will keep you up to date in the years to come.

Tim Heebner
Gilbertsville, PA


Trigger waiting for Brody to get off the bus.





Hi Sue:

Actually today is the date we came for Simbo. Hard to believe. He loves to go see Bill at the care facility plus is very calm and friendly with the other patients. He is intrigued with bunnies-pointing them and trying to slowly sneak up on them-much to Scott’s chagrin as he doesn’t want him interested in rabbits. I just hope he will remember his bird hunting traits come fall-I’m sure he will. In the mean time he still comes in the shower with me plus sleeps on the bed with me. But when I have to go out he goes into his cage by me just saying “cage”. I imagine he’ll soon be able to be “free” in the house when I go out. However, he still loves to get a shoe or slipper out of my closet and have me chase him around the dining room table.
He heels on walks, sits at corners without being told and is good with other adults and dogs on our walks and in our neighborhood. But sometimes loud trucks or motorcycles bother him as they go by and I have to reprimand him from looking to go after(which of course I don’t allow)them. He loves Straub and they play hard, as I believe I told you before. Plus Scott is his second “owner/love of life” because he takes him hunting or to the farm where he can be “free”. I’ll send two photos now. Thanks again for raising our pup.

Joyce Sipple
State College, PA








Here are some updated photos of Sloopy! This past summer we discovered Sloopy’s love for water! The first photo is of him swimming with my brothers lab and one of my parents Brittany’s at the lake (Sloopy is the one without the life vest). We bought him a duck that he fetches in the water at the lake. He loves to play! His favorite game right now is tug as you can see in one of the photos. There are always a million toys out on the floor at our house. He loves going on runs with us too. He is extremely well behaved and does well with anyone. We recently went on our honeymoon and left him with my sister and we received many compliments on how well behaved he is. He does amazing with young children as well!! We have him around other dogs a lot too. I started working long shifts at work and Dom works two jobs so once a week we take him to daycare (which sounds ridiculous ha!) but he runs around and plays with other dogs all day and comes home exhausted! The owners say he does great with the other dogs too. We spend a lot of time with my parent’s three Brittanys too and they roam my parents acreage all day when we visit. We are going there for Christmas so Sloopy will be so happy to play with them! The dog park is also a place he enjoys to socialize with other doggies! He loves to cuddle and be close to us (especially now since we were gone for two weeks on our honeymoon) and is really a fantastic house pet. We really couldn’t say anything bad about our experience with him 🙂 thank you so much for everything. Can’t believe he is two already!! Happy holidays!

Dominic and Nikki
Columbus, OH







Dear Sue,

I just wanted to send you an update on Ranger. I can’t believe the little guy will be one on March 18th! He is such a great dog and I love him very much. He’s smart, kind, great temperament. I have given your name out to people who ask and I get compliments constantly on his good behavior and good looks. Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to get one of your dogs. Attached are some pictures the black lab in some is his Aunt Liza but they have so much fun together!

Jessica Grindle
New Bloomfield, PA







Hi Mark and Sue!

We bought a liver roan pup from you exactly a year ago, and just wanted to give you an update on how she’s doing! This is Lacey 🙂 she’s such a playful girl, she never lets her sister rest. She LOVES swimming and jumping around in snow, chewing on antlers and daddy’s socks, and chasing our cat. She is still a big baby and loves for you to pick her up and hold her like one 🙂 she LOVES birds. She could sit under a bird feeder all day if we let her. We found a turkey in the woods, and I swear it was the happiest day of her life. Anyways, just thought I’d share and let you guys know how well she’s doing and thank you again!

Madison Strickland
North Collins, NY







Hi Mark and Sue,

Fin is doing great. He loves people and he has an exhuberant personality. As for hunting, his energy and raw talent is amazing and so far he’s pointed woodcock, grouse and pheasant. This pup loves to hunt!!

George Shaheen
Manlius, NY







Hello again,

I bought Bella about 1 yr and 2 months ago from you and I thought I would let you know she is doing great and is the best little hunting companion. She is pointing now and become quite the hunter here are some pics of our adventures so far…

Jamie Kreiser
Mechanicsburg, PA







Hi Sue & Mark,

I kept forgetting to update you. This is Kimber, born to Maddy & Billy 3/22. What an awesome puppy. I could not believe how smart she was from day 1. Her temperament is so much nicer than my other 2 brittanys, and she has learned to interact with my blind one. At 7 months it looks like she will be on the petite side, which is fine by me. At the moment she is experiencing some puppy angst but overall wonderful. I certainly will come back to you when ready to give her a playmate closer to her age. Thank you for the wonderful dogs you breed.

Lisa McDevitt
Mohnton, PA






Hey Sue,

Just wanted to give you an update on Sammy! He is doing great and we are completely in love with him! Sammy is the most calmest brittany I’ve ever owned and is the smartest! He picks up commands very fast and potty training was a breeze! We are so very happy with our rock steady Sammy! I will send you some pictures soon!

Alicia Winter
North Tonawanda, NY