About Us

Nestled in the mountains of northern Pennsylvania in prime grouse and woodcock country, Rock Steady Kennel has been selectively breeding, raising and training American Brittanys hunting dogs for over 25 years. Mark Shoff, owner of and trainer for Rock Steady Kennel, has been training dogs all of his life, from obedience training and bird dog training to Schutzhand training.

Mark’s real passion however is training bird dogs. He has always used positive reinforcement as his basis to all his training and has produced many Rock Steady gun dogs. Mark’s wife Sue is the person behind the scenes. She does the daily care for the dogs such as feeding, general care and socializing of puppies as well as the office work involved. Both Sue and Mark have worked together with the help of CF Web Services, LLC to design and create their website as well as take all the pictures needed for the site. They also work together to keep all the dogs happy and well stimulated. All the dogs get to run every day and every dog gets to come inside at night. That way all the dogs get the attention and stimulation they enjoy. You can rest assured that if you bring your family dog to Rock Steady Kennel to be trained, we will treat him or her as our own family dog and they will leave here your “Rock Steady” gun dog.

For those who are looking for a hunting dog as well as a companion, you only need to look at the pedigree of our “Rock Steady” gun dogs. With all the titles found on our dog’s pedigrees, including dogs that are in the American Brittany Club Hall of Fame, they pretty much speak for themselves.

Watch for our new online store, coming soon! We now carry a full line of training equipment and dog supplies. You can come to one place for a Brittany or Lab, get your dog trained with our positive reinforcement method and also equip your dog with everything he or she will need to become a “Rock Steady” gun dog.