Testimonials – Page 3

Hi Mark and Sue,

I thought you might enjoy seeing a couple of pics, which I have attached, of Penny and some of her success this season. We just got back from a week of grouse and woodcock in Maine. She really blossomed as a bird dog while we were there. She had many solid points on grouse and dozens on woodcock. I couldn’t be happier with her as a bird dog. As a family companion she is wonderful, but you already knew she would be. I couldn’t be happier with her and want to thank you guys for bringing her into my family’s lives. She is awesome.

Troy Leid
Terre Hill, PA

P.S. It probably won’t be long before I’ll have the itch to get a second Britt to join Penny and I on our hunting excursions. Please keep me in mind and posted on any started dogs that become available in future.






Hi Sue!

Just sending you a little Peggy update. She is registered as Rock Steady’s Pretty Peggy, has had her spay surgery, and has been doing obedience classes. She is doing so well and really loves our trainer. She’s been picking everything up so quickly and loves celebrating a job well done. She has lots of doggy friends including an Irish Terrier pup across the street who loves to play chase and wrassle. Her favorite toy is still a toy-lure on a string, she will hunt it in the back yard for hours and will sit and stare at it when we are not playing with her. She continues to have a great time out at the barn and exploring the state park behind it. We’ve started seeing hunters back there and they all check her out and ask questions about her. After training and barn time and hiking she is perfectly happy to chill out with us. She also sometimes comes to work with me and everyone there looks forward to seeing her. Most people, including other Britt owners we’ve met, have been surprised at how calm she is. She’s been wonderful and we are having such a great time with her!

Katrina Maurer
College Park, MD






I’ve been meaning to send you an update…but have been extremely busy and extremely exhausted! Lol! Ziva is doing fantastic! Growing like a weed!! Smartest dog I’ve ever known! Still having a few housebreaking issues but my obedience training course us teaching me how to think outside the box…past few days have been working on jumping up on the back door to go outside to potty. Using clicker training and she learns so quickly!!! I’m so very proud of her 😉 here’s an updated pic of her…hard to keep her still long enough to get a pic that isn’t blurry! Lol! Will try to send another update with more pics within the next couple weeks. Again…thank you both for allowing us to be Ziva’s forever home. We love her so much! <3

Leann Westrick
Pine City, NY





Hi Sue,

Mookie is growing well, learning a lot, and a master at jumping through a hula-hoop! He loves the daily walks and is the smartest dog I ever met. Alex and Derek just adore him. He was the mascot of the winning 7U baseball team for our town and is quickly becoming the same for the flag football teams as you can see in the attached photo.
I hope all is well for you and Mark and the rest of the clan.

Best wishes,

Kathy Geissel
East Windsor, NJ





Hi Mark,

I wanted to send you some updated info on Indy, who turned 6 this past July 4, we were pretty excited about. After 5 years of just hunting, we started the AKC Hunt Test process last spring. He passed each of his four runs giving him his Junior Hunt title. This past weekend he had one run with a perfect score. I attached a couple of photos of him to share. We also had some great conversation with the former owner/handler of your stud dog Gabriel. It was enjoyable talking about the Brittany’s and what a pleasure they are in the field and in the home. We’ll start the Senior Tests in the spring. Thanks again for a great 4-legged family member!

Tom Wilson
Edgewater, MD






Hey Mark and Sue,

I just wanted to give you the 6 month update on the puppy I got from your kennel in May. His name is Rax and he is an amazing young dog. He is a very smart and well mannered dog, it took less than a week for him to be house broken, and learn the commands sit,stay, lay, and kennel! I am still suprised to this day on how well this dog listens. I also wanted to let you after months of training this young dog, I placed 6 quail over a 10 acre area yesterday for a first attempt at anything besides a pigeon. At 6 months and 2 days old this guy is pointing like it’s his job. I attached some pictures of our outing for you both to see. Just wanted to let you know I’m very pleased with Rax and wanted to say Thank you again.

Dayton Hess
Bloomsburg, PA






Hello Sue and Mark:

Dropping you a line to let you know that our pup “Ace” is eleven weeks old and our Vet says he is in perfect health and conformation. At eleven weeks old he points a grouse wing solidly, knows his name, just about house broken and instinctively retrieves. What more could you ask for from a puppy? We’ve had numerous bird dogs before but none compares to this pup as being socialized and wanting to please. Please let us know when your next litter is available we would like another puppy from your kennel.

Best Regards,
Donna and Anthony Di Tomasso



Dear Mark and Sue,

Ace is doing wonderful! He is so sweet and he is growing very fast! He is already almost housebroken. He knows to go to our back door to go out to the bathroom. He also knows fetch and here. Plus he points a grouse wing, he is extremely smart!

Donna DiTomasso






Hi Sue and Mark!

I hope you are doing well! Boone is going to be 6 months this week and I just wanted to check in with you! He is such a great dog, we could not imagine our lives without him. He is so smart, loving and willing to please! And he is a great cuddle buddy! 🙂 You have a great breeding program and the puppies you produce proves it! We have started the basics with hunting training and he is not gun shy at all, we eased into really slowly and he has been doing great!

Thank you for our best friend! I attached some photos below!

Chelsea Brennan
Williamstown, VT






Hi Mark & Sue

It has been sometime since I spoke to you both about Riley. Riley was born 8/21/13 from Gretchen & Buster’s litter. Just to let you know that Riley is doing just great. He loves to play with all other dogs in the park. Riley weights in at 53 lbs. of all lean Brittany! He happy at home and when our grand daughter come over he just loves her. People ask where we got him and say that he is just beautiful. We can say how happy we are to have him as part of our family. Thanks again

Ray & Linda Spezzacatena
Old Bridge, N.J.





Hey guys

Just wanted to give you a little update. Revo is doing great and is looking more and more like his dad Nitro every day. I got the grouse wing out the other day and you are right about their instincts. They have them! I can’t wait to get him out in the field and in the woods and get him around some birds. I still would like to bring him up and have Mark help me out some with him. Here are a few pictures. We love him!

Jim and mary Beth Moslak.
Lance, PA