Brittany Puppies for Sale

Here at Rock Steady Kennel we believe in a hands-on approach to puppy raising. From day one we handle the Brittany puppies on a daily basis to get them used to people. We also believe they should get used to other animals so we keep them in a location where they can be stimulated by our other dogs being active around the puppies pen.

We also incorporate something called the “Bio Sensor” or “Super Dog” program. This is a method the military developed to improve the performance of dogs used for military purposes. Many puppies bred for working, sport, field, security, and guide work are also introduced to the Bio Sensor Program as part of their development. The main idea is that early neurological stimulation exercises could give the dog a superior advantage by influencing rapid neurological growth and development. You can learn more about this method from an article by Dr. Carmen Battaglia at While the Bio Sensor method is a well-documented puppy development tool, we do not substitute the Bio Sensor method for the socialization and handling of puppies. We also ensure our puppies get plenty of socialization and handling during the first 8 weeks of life at our home.

We are a state licensed facility with license #5319. Our puppies are guaranteed for 30 months and in the twenty-five+ years we’ve been breeding and raising Brittany gun-dogs we have never had a genetic health problem. We think you will be pleased with a Rock Steady puppy as an excellent hunting partner and companion for the rest of his or her life.

All puppies are $1350.00 for males as well as females. A minimum deposit of $200.00 is required to be put on a list for a puppy from an upcoming litter. A signed purchase agreement is also required at time of pickup. We also offer ground shipping for your new puppy if you are too far away or can’t get away to pick him up. Contact us for details and pricing info.

Sorry we don’t have any pups available at this time but we have begun accepting deposits for our fall litters. Contact us for more info.