American Brittany Training

Whether you are looking for a perfect pet or a hunting companion, our goal is to customize the training of your American Brittany dog to provide you with the pet or gun-dog that will fit your hunting needs.

Our Brittany training services

Basic Obedience
Training your dog to “come,” “sit,” “kennel” and “heel”. This course is $450 per month.

Stage 1
For our start-up course, we introduce the dog to live birds, point drills, the whistle, check cords, field commands, introduction to the electronic collar, and the proper introduction to gunfire. An extremely important part of your dog’s early development is learning/hunting without any pressure. The training fees are $500.00 per month for a minimum of two months.

Stage 2
Formal training begins. We will start developing the dog’s natural pointing instinct and retrieving ability. Your dog will be taught to handle in and out of the field. The dog will have hunting experience, be fully conditioned with the electronic collar, be steady on point, will respond to whistle commands, and retrieve birds. The training fees are $500.00 per month, minimum two months.

Stage 3
Your dog will handle in and out of the field, be steady to wing and shot, hold point, honor point, hunt in range, retrieve to hand, heel, will be crate trained and be in control at all times. The training fees are $500.00 per month, minimum two months.

If you are interested in our training services, please contact us. We require a non refundable 50 percent deposit to reserve a space for your dog.

We also provide training seminars for individuals or groups.

Brittany Dog Trainer

Mark training Jessie to “hold”


Training American Brittany Hunting Dogs

Mark training Sam


Pennsylvania Brittany Dog Trainer

Mark training Jack to
be “rock steady”


Training Your Brittany to Hunt

Logan learning to retrieve