Rock Steady's Zealous Zoey

Spanky's Magnum Maximus

Skipper the Great II

Duke the Chocolate Bat

Buddy the Beast


Ca Cocoas Skipper

Royal Samson III

Kyles Cocoa Candy

Choco Candybelle Queen

Schock's Loggy B.

Golden Pintail Loggy Bayou

Schock's Cinderella

Valley View Missy

Cocalico Creek Morgan

Valley View Molly

Lady Lisa Sydney

Handsome Samson Brown

Piddle Creek's Jim Dandy

Candlewoods Madcap Max MH

Hillview's Whitney

Kaylar's Piddle Creek Cocoa

NFC FC Candlewoods Raisa Ruckus

Dixie Doodle Brown

Red Hawk's Hillview's Otis

Hillviews Aerial Acrobat

CH Hilltop Countryside Barn Burner

Hillview's Billie Brown
Redhawk Choco Chill

Candlewoods Maverick

Hillview's Koka Kola