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Carrie and Catman's litter is due November 15th.



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are "rock steady."

Mark and Jack

Nestled in the mountains of northern Pennsylvania in prime grouse and woodcock country, Rock Steady Kennel has been selectively breeding, raising and training Brittanys for over 23 years. We take pride in the fact that each new dog owner is pleased with how intelligent and well tempered his or her new gun-dog is.


Our puppies are introduced to the Bio-Sensor or " Super Dog" Program at an early age. This is a method the military developed to improve the performance of their dogs by using early neurlogical stimulation excercises. We think you will be pleased with a Rock Steady puppy as an excellent hunting partner and companion for the rest of his or her life.

A puppy's first point.


Rock Steady Store


We now carry a full line of training equipment and dog supplies. Visit our on-site or online store for e-collars, leads, whistles or an assortment of other dog training supplies. You can come to one place for a Brittany or Lab, get your dog trained with our positive reinforcement method and also equip your dog with everything he or she will need to become a "Rock Steady" gun dog.